This is an ongoing project I’ve been chipping away at for a while. As I sit in my studio looking out of the window (which I probably spend a little too much time doing), I can see a steady stream of aircraft passing low over head, flying to or from the London airports. I always find myself wondering about … More →
This is part a project undertaken with John Fass. The aim is to explore how we consume news in the digital age. Online news sources have altered the way we source and view news items in a number of ways. We have been researching this over the last year and have raised several issues. You can read more on these … More →
The major project of my MRes focused on using technology to help us make healthier decisions around buying food. There were many parts of this project involving researching decision making and captology (the ability of technology to persuade and influence decisions). More on this can be read over at the project site:¬† The main conclusion however was to propose a … More →
Another project which grew out of a brief from Information Environments, this one looked at improving security in airports and other transport environments. The conclusion of this project was that security in these places could be improved if the general experience of passengers was made less stressful (the less overall stress in the environment, the easier it is to spot … More →
Photo: There is a whole other world under the streets of London. Some of if is seen by Londoners, such as the hundreds of miles of tube lines. Some of it was once well known, but has now become hidden and forgotten, such as the ancient covered rivers. Some of this world is simply secret, designed to be kept … More →
Loci.Lux is a project that stemmed out of a brief from my MRes Information Environments program. The aim was to produce a model of myself, or something relating to myself. I chose to create a model of my home. To do this I created a torch which literally reflected the contents of my home. I built a digital pico projector … More →