Pair Painting


As part of my research focusing on developing methods of assisting fine art processes through the use of creative coding, I have developed a small web app which provides suggestions and prompts for abstraction.

This builds on the coding principle of Pair Programming, where two people assist each other in a coding task. With this system the idea is to use the abstract strengths of the computer (which are essentially machines for translating and abstracting data forms) to suggest words, styles and imagery to the artist. They are then free to interpret or utilise these prompts in whatever way they choose. The prompts are generated by the computer based on an algorithm that starts with a random word, then generates linked or associated imagery using a series of automatic internet searches. The code is written in Javascript, and the results shown simply on an HTML5 canvas within the tablet browser. The artist can easily swipe between prompts on the screen.

This is part of an ongoing research project, and hopefully I’ll post the results of more experiments here soon.

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